Likes K Pop like the Philippines

When does the hype about kpop end?


Thanks to my family, I came into contact with Korean culture and music in the same language at a very early age and that's why I saw some developments (like the SHINee debut) "live". It is clear that kpop is no longer a foreign word, but some things still go through my head:

Why do German fans behave so terribly? (Not all of them, of course, but here in Germany the dimensions have become really extreme.) I only meet fans who have been on the track since 2017 thanks to DNA. Well, the girls and boys aren't really into kpop. That is not what it should really be about, but rather the image of what these people have of their "idols". a

What bothers me about the development of the fanbase is that Korean terms are completely exaggerated and used differently; Oppa, unnie, Jagiya, saranghae, aniyo, andwae etc. I mean we are in a different country, we don't speak Korean and so I don't have to say "annyeonghaseyo, that's two plus five, arrasso?" " report, right?

The language itself isn't that bad, besides my Asian mother tongue, I also started learning Korean out of interest, but that's the point. I have learned not to throw around worthless words that would never be used in the language in such contexts with such a pronunciation. This development is only heading towards Koreanboos and that's what I'm getting at.

I would like to know how other listeners feel about it. When is it a Kboo, when is it too much? What is okay and what is cringe?

My definition of the kboo is very simple and simple: Kboos are basically Westerners who absolutely want to be Koreans and / or who want to look like. The emphasis is on western, white. (There are certainly also differently colored, differently original ones, but I haven't heard much about them yet.)

They behave like Koreans, speak Korean with their 10-word vocabulary and put on make-up, dress like them and want to be reborn as Koreans. There is a difference between those who want to learn Korean, as it is a beautiful language, and Kboos, but many people lump that together. They are very cringy, speak with a high-pitched voice, do exaggerated aegyo, break disrespectful clich├ęs and Kpop is Korea and Korea is Kpop duh. They think their oppa will love them and belong only to them. They are obsessed with Koreans or Asians in general, sexualize them and prefer Koreans because they are Koreans. Japan, China and Korea are the only countries in Asia and Korea is the best country of them all. They develop fetishes on idols and become completely obsessed with them. (But there are also "soft kboos" - it's a bit different)