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Steinling Alm - directions

There are various ways to get to the Steinling-Alm

Google Earth coordinates Steinlingalm

47 ° 45'32.75 "N.
12 ° 21'56.81 "E.

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With the Kampenwand cable car to the Steinling-Alm

The easiest, most comfortable and fastest way is via the Kampenwandbahn. The valley station of the Kampenwandbahn is in Aschau and Hohenaschau. There are plenty of parking spaces. After about 15 minutes in the gondola, from which you can enjoy a view of Hohenaschau Castle, the Priental and the Chiemgau, you will reach the mountain station. A well-signposted hiking trail leads you after a slight ascent to the prayer cross, a vantage point over the Chiemsee. From there it's almost flat to the Steinling-Alm, which is located at the foot of the Kampenwand summit. It takes around 20 to 30 minutes to get from the Kampenwand cable car mountain station to the Steinling Alm.

From the Aigen car park to the Steinling-Alm

Arriving by car: From the Munich-Salzburg (A 8) motorway, take the Aschau exit, enter the town and turn left at the maypole onto the road to Bernau. After about 2 km, turn right, the sign shows Gschwendt and Seiserhof. You drive past the inns Seiseralm / Seiserhof up the serpentine road, leave the hamlet of Gschwendt on the right until you reach the hiking car park Aigen at around 800 meters above sea level. to reach.

Now walk up the paved forest path and follow the signs to the Steinlingalm. After a few hundred meters, turn left onto a signposted forest path, which later leads back to the paved forest path. The last part of the way is a climb that requires good footwear and surefootedness. You need about two hours for the well-signposted route.

From Hohenaschau to the Steinling Alm

In the Hohenaschau district there is parking at the Kampenwandbahn or in the festival hall area. From there you go to the street "Am Hofbichl", where you can already see the Kampenwand in front of you and go uphill, past the Cramer-Klett monument, and leave the village. At a crossroads you will meet hiking trail 22, which is marked red and white by the Alpine Club and is also signposted as "Reitweg". After a few hundred meters it leads left into a forest path, then over a bridge up to a wayside cross. Now you can follow the shorter but steeper hiking trail 20 to the right until you come back to hiking trail 22, which leads to the Steinling-Alm. The trail is almost six kilometers long and has a gradient of up to 10% at its steepest sections.

The Tourist Info Aschau im Chiemgau, Tel. 08052-90490, provides information about many other hiking trails.

Mountain enthusiasts can also get to us on foot from the Achental. The Tourist Info Grassau (08641-69796-0) provides information about the possibilities to get from Rottau over the Hinteralm to the Steinlingalm, about the way from Schleching to the Steinlingalm the Tourist Info Schleching (08649-220).