What is an arm


Bodybuilders proudly show their muscled arms

The arm is a part of the body. It starts at the shoulders. The arm is divided into upper arm and forearm, the joint in between is called the elbow. The hand is the lowest part of the arm. The arms and legs together are also called the extremities.

The arm is attached to the shoulder in an articulated manner and can be rotated in all directions. The elbow joint works more like a hinge on a door. It can only pan in one direction. The movements are called bending and stretching the arm.

Without the hand, the arm has only three bones. In the upper arm there is only the humerus bone, the two bones in the forearm are called ulna and radius. You can feel it through your skin. The cubit used to be a common measure of length, especially for tailors. It went from elbow to fingertip. That is why we still talk about long speeches today. The spoke rotates around the ulna, which can be clearly felt on the wrist. Spokes are also the fine metal rods on the bike that connect the rim to the axle.

Not only humans have arms, but monkeys too. When it comes to technical equipment, one speaks of arms: for example, a tower crane has one arm on which the load is suspended. There are robot arms and levers are called lever arms. After all, rivers are also referred to as arms, which are tributaries or tributaries.

  • Gibbons are good at climbing with their arms.

  • An artificial elbow joint is used when the natural joint has been destroyed in an accident.

  • The boom of a tower crane is also known as an arm.