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Author: Stefan »Thu 4th Jun 2015, 10:18 am

Hello Simone,

Now, once again, an official, warm welcome to you and Charly in our forum.

Klapperliese wrote:
Current weight of the cat? Is your cat too fat, emaciated, or just normal?
> 6.5 kg; according to the vet, he should weigh at least 6 kg because he is very tall

Is Charly currently maintaining his weight or is he still losing weight.

Klapperliese wrote:
What was the fructosamine level?

Even without a reference value, diabetes is clearly present here.
The fructosamine level was checked before the insulin was administered, wasn't it?

Klapperliese wrote:Home testing yes or no?
> yes

Great, this is "half the battle" in setting up insulin

Klapperliese wrote:
Is Your Cat Getting Insulin?
> yes

How long has your cat been on insulin?
> July 2014

What insulin is your cat getting?
> First Caninsulin, since May 21, 2015 Lantus

How many units (IU)?
> 1.5 IU since today

Of course, something can only be said about the insulin dose once we have taken a look at the blood sugar values ​​measured so far. Would you make them available to us, ideally in a table.

You can find out how to upload a table here

Klapperliese wrote:Which syringes do you use?
(Insulin syringes U40 / U100; normal ml syringes)
> U100

The U100 syringes are the right choice for Lantus.
If you then also use the BD Micro-Fine + Demi U-100 insulin syringes 0.3x8 mm, you could dose with our measurement to 0.1 i.E.

Klapperliese wrote:
Do you inject once or twice a day?
> 2x

That’s so right

Klapperliese wrote:Current blood sugar levels?
> 01.06. sober 353, PRE 415, +4 365, +8 300, +12 436 1,75IE
02.06. sober 419, +2 460, +4 433, +10 410, +12 434 1.75IE
03.06 sober 381, +12 324 1.75IE
04.06. sober 342, 1.5 IU

What is the difference between the sober and the pre value?

Klapperliese wrote:What food does your cat eat?
(Please indicate the brand and variety names for wet and / or dry food)
> Vet Concept Low Mineral, Mac's various varieties, both NaFu

When it comes to food, it is important that it is grain and sugar-free. The carbohydrate content should be below 10%.

Klapperliese wrote:
How much does your cat eat per day (in 24 hours)?
> 260g

Is Charly enough because this amount of food or does he beg a lot and / or has cravings.

Klapperliese wrote:Does your cat only eat small meals twice in the morning and in the evening or rather several times a day?
> Main meal in the morning and in the evening 100g each, at noon and 30g each at night

After questioning the insulin dose, the feed management should be revised. With 100g as a single portion, the Lantus will have difficulty fighting the food.

Klapperliese wrote:Do you feed before or after you inject?
> before spraying

So it is also correct.

Klapperliese wrote:Do you check for ketones regularly? If so, do you measure in blood or urine? How high are the ketones at the moment?
> yes, with Ketostix, so far without any color change

You can measure ketones in the same way as sugar, with suitable measuring strips also in the blood.
If ketones appear in the urine, they are often dangerously high in the blood.

You can find a suitable device for measuring ketones in our shopping list.
The ketone measuring strips are not included with the device and must be ordered separately.

Klapperliese wrote:
Has your cat's urine been tested?
If so, what was found and what does / did the treatment look like?
> acute no, but at least once a year because of the crystals

Has the urine ever been examined for a urinary tract infection (UTI)? For this purpose, a culture should be created from the urine.
An UTI maintains diabetes.

Klapperliese wrote:Have your cat's teeth been checked?
If so, have they been x-rayed? What was determined and what does / did the treatment look like?
If not, has your vet mentioned wanting to x-ray your teeth?
> yes, Charly temporarily had slightly reddened gums, this has been observed, but is now ok again

Has the gingivitis been treated with antibiotics?
FORL can be behind an inflamed gum and FORL also maintains a diabetic.

A digital dental x-ray is suitable for diagnosing FORL.

Klapperliese wrote:Has the thyroid been examined? If so, are the thyroid levels (T4 or fT4) okay?
> I believe in the context of a geriatric profile, which was without any findings

Perhaps you still have the blood count of this.

Klapperliese wrote:What is the digestive system like? Dark / firm or rather light / pulpy?
> both, sometimes relatively firm and dark, then again rather light to pulpy,

Light, mushy stools, especially if they still have a strong smell, can be a sign of a fat indigestion.
Then Charly needs enzymes so that he can use his feed properly at all.

Klapperliese wrote:Does your cat have any other illnesses?
(e.g. asthma, renal insufficiency, pancreatitis, skin problems, heart, FIV, gums, stomach / intestines ...)
> Cystine stones

Doris has already written something about this

Klapperliese wrote:Which medications, natural remedies, nutritional supplements is your cat currently receiving?
> Vet Concept Low Mineral (NaFu), 0.5 tablets 2x2 against osteoarthritis pain

Which pain pills does Charly get.

Klapperliese wrote:Are there any abnormal laboratory values? (please with the reference value of the laboratory)
> according to TA no

Would you perhaps make the blood count available to us for inspection.
If you do not have this, please have the vet give it to you.
So you always have them to hand and in the event of a necessary emergency veterinary treatment with another vet or in a TK, this saves double examinations.

Klapperliese wrote:
How can we help you? I just don't know how I can manage to hire Charly properly. My vet, who is actually very nice, seems to me to be rather ignorant; she herself had a diabetic cat and has 5 !!! Took years to adjust them reasonably well. That gives me a lot to think about! I want reasonable values ​​and not those that rummage between 300 and 450 mg / dl.

Of course we are happy to help you here, Simone.
To do this, however, as already written above, we need the previously measured Bz values ​​in a table.
If you report a current blood glucose value in the morning and in the evening during our consultation time, which takes place from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., we can agree on a suitable insulin dose together.

If you have any other questions, ask us a hole in the stomach here. We don't do it any differently.

Please answer now only in this thread and do not open a new topic. We will shortly put your two topics together so that everything that concerns Charly can also be found here.

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