Do you ever lie to your pets?

Quotes + sayings collection

"I never found love for people
where there was no love of animals.
Who truly respects life
respects the animal too,
for life was given to both of us by God. "

Prof. Konrad Lorenz
Our Lord God has often given his most beautiful and greatest gifts to the meanest animal.
Only people don't look for it there.

Martin Luther
"In relation to the beast, all peoples today are more or less barbarians.
It's untrue and grotesque
if they emphasize their supposed high culture at every opportunity
and the most hideous atrocities every day
committed on millions of defenseless creatures
or let it be indifferent. "

Alexander von Humboldt

Saving a single animal doesn't change the world
but the whole world changes for that one animal!


The more people I get to know, the more I prefer my dog ​​...

Lots of people don't know much more about their dog than what it cost.
Horst Stern


When a person kills a tiger, it is called sport.
When a tiger kills a person, it is cruelty.

George Bernard Shaw


If dogs don't go to Heaven, when I die I want where they are.
Will Rogers


â € œPerhaps it would be better for our world if people were given muzzles and dogs were given laws. "!
George Bernard Shaw


My goal is to become such a good person
how my dog ​​thinks I am!

(Author unknown, but could be mine !!)


"There is an argument about who made the world.
It is only certain who will destroy them. "

(George Adamson (1906-89), English animal rights activist)


We will never be able to do well what we did to animals for ages.
Mark Twain, (1835-1910)


You can only enjoy a dog if you don't try to make it into half a person.
Instead, consider the possibility of becoming half a dog yourself.


"For blind souls
all cats are alike.
Every cat is for cat lovers
from the beginning
absolutely unique! "

(Jenny de Vries)

"It is the anonymity of animal sacrifices,
that makes us deaf to their screams. "

(Luise Rinser)

"When all animals that have suffered in vain
would scream at the same moment
an incredible catastrophe would devastate the world
and the few surviving people would go deaf
and wander around in madness. "


"Treat your pet like this
that you will have no problems in the next life
cope with reversed roles. "

(Â © Pascal Lachenmeier, * 1973, Swiss lawyer)

One day everything will be okay,
this is our hope.
Today everything is fine
this is our illusion.


You can't save all the dogs in the world
but for the whole world of a dog!



In the world of emotions we are inferior to animals
especially when it comes to love.


Human language is used to
Express, feign, or hide feelings.
The dog's language knows no lies.


We must all learn to think like the dog
and don't expect the dog to think like a human.


It's not about whether they can think or speak.
The only thing that matters is whether they can suffer.

(Jeremy Benthan)


I looked at all the caged animals ..
in animal shelters, in animal factories, in test laboratories ...
The disposable products of human society. - I saw in her eyes:
Love and hope, fear and horror, sadness and pain.
And I was full of anger!
â € œGod, â € I said, â € œthat is terrible! Why don't you do something? Â €
God was silent for a moment, then spoke softly. â € žI did something, â € œ
He answered. â € œI made you.â €

(Jim Willis 1999)


There are moments in life when the world stands still for a moment.
And when it then continues to turn, nothing is what it was before.


A world where a dog can be beaten just once
without having earned it, there can be no perfect world!

(Christian Friedrich Hebbel)


Not those who speak the same language, but those who share the same feelings can understand each other ....


"Animals can't speak for themselves. That's why it's so important that we as humans speak out for them and stand up for them."
(Gillian Anderson)


"I believe that at some point human progress requires us to stop killing our fellow creatures to satisfy our physical desires.
A nation's size and moral progress can be measured by the way it treats animals. "

(Mahatma Gandhi)


You can keep a dog, but cats are different.
The cat keeps its people, for to them people are useful pets. A dog makes us beautiful, but we have to treat the cat.
The dog is an employee, the cat a freelancer.

(George Mikes)


There are moments when doing nothing is to blame
and action becomes a necessity.


We give our dogs a little love and time.
In return, they give us everything they have to offer.
It is, without a doubt, the best business man has ever done.

(Roger Andrew Caras (1928-2001), President of the British Animal Welfare Association)


Dogs come when they are called.
Cats take note of the invitation and occasionally come back to it.

(Mary Biy)


A dog's loyalty is a precious gift,
the no less binding moral obligations
imposed as a man's friendship.

(Konrad Lorenz)


The world is not a work of art and animals are not made
for our use.
We owe animals not mercy, but justice.

(Arthur Schopenhauer)


Evil triumphs only by
that good people do nothing.

(Edmund Burke


I talk to him when I'm lonely and I know he understands me.
When he looks at me carefully and gently licks my hands.
He rubs his muzzle on my best suit, but I don't say a word: God knows! I can buy new clothes, but I can never buy a friend like him!

(W. Daayton Wedegefarth)


The dog needs its dog life.
He doesn't want fleas, but he wants the opportunity to get them.

(Robert Lembke


Dogs are our connection to paradise. They know nothing about evil or envy or dissatisfaction.
Sitting on a hillside with a dog on a glorious afternoon is like the Garden of Eden,
where doing nothing was not boredom - but peace.

(M. Kundera)


"The more helpless a living being is, the greater its claim to human protection from human cruelty."
(Mahatma Gandhi)


Animals cannot speak for themselves.
And that's why it's so important
that we as humans speak out for them and stand up for them.

(Gillian Anderson)


As much as I am preoccupied with the problem of the world's misery, I never got lost in brooding over it, but held on to the thought that it is given to each of us to put an end to some of that misery.
(Albert Schweitzer)


Whoever tortures animals is inanimate and lacks God's good spirit,
no matter how elegant he may be, one should never trust him.

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)


One could well ask:
What would man be without animals?
But not the other way around:
What would animals be without humans?

(Friedrich Hebbel)


Cruelty to animals is one of the most characteristic vices of a lowly and ignoble people.
(Alexander von Humboldt)


Open your mouth for the mute and lead the cause of those who are forsaken ...
(Francis of Assisi)


After many a conversation with people one has the wish
petting a dog, smiling at a monkey and
to take off his hat to an elephant.

(Maxim Gorki)


Everything that humans do to animals comes back to humans.


One of the greatest impudence of man is
to wrongly name this or that animal with emphasis,
as if there were an even more wrong being
in its relation to beings other than humans.

(Christian Morgenstern)


As long as there are slaughterhouses
there will be battlefields too.

(Leo Tolstoy)


There are sure to be stupid dogs
although the percentage is far lower than in humans.

Axel Munthe (Swedish doctor)


The dog never forgets the good bite you gave him in your whole life,
and you throw him a hundred times with stones.
But you've done good to a common person all your life, and the guy attacks you on the first occasion.



There are monsters, but no monsters.
(Karl Julius Weber)


The child first practices mercy or cruelty with the animal,
and then it grows up to be merciful and helpful,
or be merciless and selfish towards others.

Friedrich Froebel (pedagogue, inventor of the kindergarten)


I am life that wants to live
in the midst of life that wants to live.

(Albert Schweitzer)


A dog can express more emotions with a short wag of its tail than some people with hours of chatter.
(Louis Armstrong)



(Francis of Assisi)


The real journey of discovery is not about finding new landscapes,
but to see them with new eyes.

(Marcel Proust)


Life alone is not enough.
Everyone needs sun, freedom and a little flower.

(Hans Christian Andersen)


You see and ask: "Why?".
But I dream and say: "Why not?"

(George Bernhard Shaw)


Friendship is feeling and understanding for one another
and willingness to help in all situations.



Cats effortlessly achieve what we humans cannot do -
to go through life without making any noise.

(E.M. Hemingway)


Life is a comedy for the thinker
and a tragedy for those who feel.



This is what life is worth: not living for yourself.


I am for animal rights as well
as for human rights.

(Abraham Lincoln)


If you want to move the world, you should move yourself first.


We are all angels with only one wing.
To fly we have to hug each other.


Those who know their destination will find the way.


The dog is the sixth sense of man.
(Christian Friedrich Hebbel)


Maybe the birds have only just learned to fly
when man was born.

(Art van Rheyn)


A dog has the soul of a philosopher.


The smallest feline is a masterpiece!
(Leonardo da Vinci)


The right of the stronger is the strongest injustice.
(Marie Freifrau von Ebner-Eschenbach)


Everything perfect is marveled at
everything to be underestimated.

(Friedrich Nietzsche)


Animals often speak more sensibly with their eyes
than people with their mouths.

(Ludovic Halevy)


I love all animals because they are so "inhuman".
(Stefan Wittlin)


Let yourself be
do not dissuade what you absolutely want to do.
When there is love and inspiration
it can't go wrong.

(Ella Fitzgerald)


Friendship does not consist in
that one looks at each other
but that you are together
looking in the same direction.

(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)


Dog eyes beautiful,
look at you beaming.
Say, want to go for a walk
come on, get dressed!

Light up when you come home
lovingly they look up at you.
Wag a tail, scratch your belly,
please stay with me now!

Sometimes you can also say:
"Did something.
Please don't be angry with me anymore,
make the world whole again.

Could such eyes be possible?
seriously really angry?
Isn't that little creature
all our sunshine.
(by Christina Telker)

The Lord's Prayer of Animals

God, father of every creature, hear our woes and laments,
was it not entrusted to man to cherish and care for us?
And our mission should be to always benefit people
by protecting him and nature from disaster.

But we are tortured and slaughtered en masse,
The breath of poison blows over the woods and fields, your work mocked, despised.
The bird world, oh dear God, it begs you in need,
You stop the bird murder, otherwise everyone will be killed.

Have mercy on us too, the chickens covered with wounds,
we are crammed into batteries, humiliated and reviled.
We, the horses, also plead to you, oh Lord, spare us the export,
we only long for one thing, the bullet, the word of redemption.

In the waters fish and frog, helpless seal children,
suffocated, beheaded, slain raw, the work of human flayers.

We are exotic children, God, packed tightly in boxes,
we were taken from our homeland, our mothers slaughtered.
We thirst, hunger, freeze very much, Lord, alleviate our misery,
of many who are imprisoned here, most are already dead.

Has`, dog and cat, rat, mouse` pig` cattle and also monkeys,
did you, oh Lord, say it, created us for the laboratory?
Our suffering is unspeakably heavy, answer our pleading,
what have we done to make this happen?

Oh, help us, God, you know it, we are never sinners,
who you created in your image, they are - the children of God!
Your vengeance, said you Lord, will find every wrongdoer,
and also that pain, torment and suffering disappear into nothingness.

O our father who are you, set us free from pain,
let nature heal and control man - stop!

(Elisabeth Schmöller)


No human offense could hit me so hard
like a suspicious look from one of my dogs.


As long as people think that animals don't feel
animals have to feel that humans don't think.


Many who have devoted their entire lives to love can tell less about it than a child who lost his dog yesterday.

"I'll be right back" makes no sense to your dog.
All he knows is you're gone!


All creatures on earth feel like we do
all creatures seek happiness like us.
All creatures on earth love, suffer and die as we do,
therefore they are beings placed equal to us
the almighty Creator - our brothers.

(Francis of Assisi)

The one who says: 'It doesn't work' shouldn't disturb the one who is doing it.

(Author unknown)


Free translation of a Romanian poem:

With my last piece of bread
I helped a man with a dog in need
the man who doesn't know me anymore
the dog, however, loves me very much.



You do not love the faithful dogs
because your heart has remained alien,
what speaks from the dog's soul
and how an animal can love.

You only see the animal in the dog
created willing to serve you,
You is the creator of nature
did not appear in his essence.

Just get into misery first
leave from all you love,
and feels the torment of disappointment
then you will learn to be dog-loyal.

If you are then far from the bustle of the world
Buried in quiet solitude
the feeling is beneficial for you,
but to have a true friend.

When he licks our hands
looking at us with shrewd eyes,
stretching out the paw towards us
only devoted and trusting to us.

Then the firm belief stirs
because one being has remained loyal to us.
Then you learn steadfastly
to love the Creator in the creature.

And if you don't know the feeling
I am not afraid to say it:
From the dog that you call â € œMotâ €,
learn a virtue: learn fidelity !!!

(Author unknown)

Any stupid boy can crush a bug
but all the professors in the world can't make one.

Arthur Schopenhauer

"Man is not the measure of all things, but life in the midst of life, which also wants to live!"
(Albert Schweitzer)


What should one get away from the endless pretense,
To recover the falsehood and insidiousness of the people,
if it weren't for the dogs
in whose honest face you can look without suspicion? "

(Artur Schopenhauer)


"They saw me and promptly bought me,
because I am a dog that comes from the breeder.
And is it not recommended everywhere
one should get good dogs from the breeder?
And all expectations came true:
I am pretty, dear and can also be obedient. "

"I was picked up on the beach and I've been there for months.
I was kicked, there was nothing to eat
then I was pushed away and forgotten.
I'm old now and sick, my heart hurts.
Just learned that I don't understand anything. "

"I was born in a barrel, my finders have already given me up.
My right ear is hanging, the left one stopped
and I cannot see in one eye.
I love people and don't know why.
You find me ugly, puny, and stupid. "

"You see, I'm pretty and my fur is smooth.
I was well looked after in the big city.
They even got me dressed, operated on, and turned up their ears.
Then I was tied to a tree
after days someone found me there. "

"And you? Who are you? Haven't spoken yet.
Until now you smelled the grille with your nose.
If they come to choose one, you will spurn all of their dog biscuits.
Don't look at anyone and don't want to commit.
Don't you want to find a new family? "

There is a pause. Nobody says a word.
The gaze of what is asked drifts far away.
His head is raised, his shoulders are taut,
the body is lean and yet full of strength.
Then he turns, his tail slightly fanning the wind,
that crosses from the north.

The gaze of his blue husky eyes seems to be fixed on the questioner.
"You don't understand," he whispers to the wind, "
that we're just a freak of people?
They want to create us as they please and yet they don't know what to do with all of us.
In this second we are already lost, because a thousand puppies are born.

We are way too many, this is the deception
because people never get enough.
They all know, but they like the endless flood of new dogs.
The endless trains of excess cargo are wonderfully housed in the shelter. "

He gently lifts his snout and starts singing.
A plaintive sound drifts along the bars.
A door slams and then he is silent
because what he knows nobody wants to know.
He lies down, quietly bedding his head. Oh yes there are many!
Much more than you think ...
I. Winiawsky

Thoughts of a "fighting dog"
I am playful, I am still little
and my soul is still pure.
I've been waiting for a friend, someone who likes me.
Then you came - oh, how happy I was!

I didn't know what it felt like - when human hands reach for you!
But then!!! It hurt so much. I do not know why.
From now on your hands - mean only blows to me.
I'm done, in pain.

No, nobody was bothered by my screaming and whimpering.
Now is the time to fight back, to bite your hands.
But it gets worse and goes on, blow by blow and day by day.
I am thirsty and hungry.
Yes, you my master give me something.
It doesn't taste good, but what should I do?
It's just blood !!!!!!!!

I grow up and grow up, blows are routine!
But then!!!
They put a calf at my feet, make me do it, and hit me with a rod!
Oh! This is what the master wants from me!
I'm supposed to tear the animal up!
I hope oh master, that's good !?
But you, you only have more anger!

Drag me and another like me. A friend?
No! I don't know him.
Oh yes, my master, I'll tear it up for you too!
I thought good was now done.
You taught me to kill !!!

My soul is forever destroyed and there is no one who has my whimper
What I am today - you will be tomorrow!
Shout it out into the whole world!
Only a good master receives a good animal too!
There is no such thing as a fighting dog, it is made by human hands!
So take care of your dogs!
(found on the internet)


The old chain dog

I am alone, it is already night
and it becomes quiet in the house.
A fire is lit there
there my lord rests.
He lies in a warm feather bed
covers himself up to his ear,
and me on my hard board
guard his rest.

The night is cold, I don't sleep
the east wind blows cold;
the cold creeps into my bones,
I'm already old too.
The hut my lord promised
I don't experience it anymore.
The rain is dripping through the wet roof,
There was no more straw for a long time.

The night is cold, hunger torments
nobody hears my whimpering -
and does my lord also know what is wrong with me,
he doesn't like to be disturbed.
The night is long, for the tenth time
I lick the bowl.
The bone I recently hid
I'll take that out a long time ago.

The chain that has been mended many times
she just rubs my neck,
It only lasts a short while
and I will never get rid of them.
I never learn what freedom is
yet I know I am faithful.
So I lie waiting for death
because this makes me free.
(Author unknown)

"God desires that we stand by animals when they need help. Every being in distress has an equal right to protection. All creatures on earth feel like us, all creatures strive for happiness like us. All. All of them Creatures of the earth love, suffer and die as we do, so they are works of the almighty Creator equal to us - our brothers. "
(Francis of Assisi, 1182-1226)

Cry of the tearless
Dog with ears cut off, once I was only born
wanted to be a friend, a companion why do you leave me alone?
Partner human, I say: NO!

Horse with a slashed body, if I stand injured in the pasture,
wanted to use, wanted to live, to give you and others joy.
So you lost your face, your conscience was judgment
for all my misery and pain. Partner human, I say: NO!

Damaged cattle on cattle transport, standing to the most distant place,
Body to body, exhausted, no hay, broken legs, no litter,
No animal resting place anywhere if only I had water!
How can you be so inanimate, partner human, I say: NO!

And we, troubled poultry, in the battery,
nowhere grass and sunshine and no place for the second leg.
We animals in the laboratory also join this choir.
How merciless can you be. Partner human, I say: NO!

A bag of kitties between the garbage and mattresses,
half suffocated and deeply hidden, did they want to dispose of us like that?
Are all inhuman, does none of us take care of?
Doesn't anyone hear us scream in fear? Partner human, I say: NO!

It's narrow in the huge room, I can hardly stand, walk
am still too small and much too fat: piglets in the fattening factory.
I don't live long anyway, but I'm terribly afraid of viruses and electric pliers.
Millions of little piglets scream: Partner human, I say: NO!

Put yourself in our position, this pain, this plague,
all for profit and money. Is this only true in our world?

Should we really save you if you swap roles?
Human being, let this advice be given to you: Be in awe of life!
You're lost when we scream: NO! NO! NO!
(Käte Fritzsche)



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