Who loves the rain

5 reasons why your adventure heart should beat faster when it rains!

Sometimes, you have planned everything so well and then it turns out very differently than you imagined. Because there is one thing that nobody can plan, neither you nor I: the weather.

Sometimes you're lucky and it's better than expected. Sometimes, however, it's so utterly uncomfortable and uninviting. It is often rainy days that promise very special adventures and that make some countries the special place it is.

5 reasons why your adventure heart should beat faster in rainy weather!

It was the same for us on our last road trip through Scotland, the part of Great Britain that is known for its rainy weather and which has almost always greeted us with sunshine in recent years - but not this time.

This time it rained most of the time and whenever we had planned something out in nature. So we wanted to go wild camping on the Isle of Mull or climb the highest mountain in the country, Ben Nevis. Both literally a lot into the water - but that wasn't too bad at all.

Because instead Scotland showed its rough, its wild, its true side. Very uncomfortable, very original, very authentic and at least as lovable as in the sunshine.

That is exactly what made me think, made me aware of one thing: rain per se is not a bad thing. On the contrary: Rain has a very special power, almost a magical effect, and shouldn't prevent us from going out into nature and giving free rein to our thirst for adventure - for several reasons!

1. Nature is yours all alone

When the weather is bad, most people prefer to stay at home, which means conversely: Hardly anyone gets lost outside. Nature belongs to you all alone and paths that are otherwise popular are often deserted. You don't have to share popular places with a special view with anyone else, the beautiful mountain lake or the endlessly wide landscape is only yours in bad weather - and loneliness always gives you a very special moment of goose bumps.

2. The landscape looks very different

It's not just because of the people who are suddenly missing, but in general everything looks different in rainy weather. On the one hand, wind and rain free the landscape around you in some places from a thick layer of dirt and dust, which in dry weather often covers the colors of nature like an Instagram filter. On the other hand, the gray of the rain clouds in combination with the individual rays of the sun breaking through them make the earth shine in a shimmer that ranges from silver to gold.

Small streams turn into raging rivers, bushes lose their leaves within a few hours, green fields turn into brown moors, uprooted trees cover old paths and at the same time expose untrodden paths. Nature is constantly in motion and reinvents itself with every storm, every raindrop and every gust of wind, so that when it rains you can expect a thousand new adventures in the forest behind your house or on the mountain that you explored extensively during your last hut hike.

3. There is a very special atmosphere

As soon as gray clouds appear in the sky, the mood in nature changes completely - and this change is exactly why I love the weather. Clouds of mist that move through deserted valleys wrap everything in a mystical cloak that seems to swallow the noises of everyday life. The thunder of a distant thundercloud still scares you just as much today as it did when you were a little child, individual rays of the sun that come through the clouds appear even more intense and within a few seconds you will be carried away by the magic of the weather, forget all your worries and problems, are in the here and now, have finally arrived in the moment.

4. It smells so wonderful

Wind and rain provide a fresh breeze and at the same time a world full of new smells. Smells that you hardly notice on a sunny day. Suddenly everything smells super intense and your lungs fill with adventure from afar. This ensures that you not only discover new and familiar places with your eyes, but also experience them with all of your senses. And then there's the smell of the rain itself, one of my favorite smells, especially in summer.

5. Animals come out of their hiding places

But it's not just new smells that you encounter in nature in rainy weather, but also wild animals. The calm and loneliness that bad weather brings with it makes many animals come out of their hiding places. In places where people are otherwise on the move, you will meet deer, elk, lynx or even wolves and bears. We also met a few deer and the typical, sugar-sweet Scottish Highland cattle in the Highlands, which we might not have come across in good weather.

So you are properly prepared for your next adventure in the rain!

"There is no bad weather, only bad clothing."

So there are enough reasons to go out into nature in rainy weather. In the pouring rain and strong wind, I would not necessarily go on a longer hike or try to pitch my tent, as was the case in Scotland. But if it's just raining a little or just plain uncomfortable, a hike or a road trip where you get out of the car and walk a few meters can actually be fun!

Waterproof and windproof rain gear

As always, it is important to wear the right clothing, as the saying goes: "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing." - and that's true. Even the best rain jacket and pants won't keep you dry in the long run in a thundering storm, and once you get wet, you can quickly freeze at lower temperatures, but nowadays functional clothing can withstand ordinary rain and wind without any problems.

Non-slip and waterproof hiking shoes

Waterproof hiking shoes are also important, because with wet feet, even the most beautiful hiking route will no longer be fun at some point. Easy-to-walk paths often turn into muddy paths when it rains, rocky sections turn into slippery obstacles and a puddle is waiting for you every few meters.

The Arrowood shoes by Teva that I had with me in Scotland are really comfortable and also super light. The material is waterproof and breathable and so my feet stayed nice and dry despite the rain and the many puddles. In addition, thanks to the reinforced profile inserts, I had a great grip on the muddy paths, which are rarely dry in the Highlands.

Rain cover for your backpack

You can also easily protect your backpack from moisture by pulling a rain cover over it. Most backpack manufacturers, such as Tatonka, already include such rain covers in the price and like to hide in the top compartment - so pay attention to this when you next buy a backpack or order such a rain cover online. Alternatively, you can use a simple garbage bag, which usually does too.

You will get wet on these adventures anyway

But there are also a few adventures where you plunge into the water anyway and where a few rain tropics make no difference. How about, for example Canyoningwhere you go through a canyon, climb over rocks, wait through water and abseil down meter-high waterfalls? Or you paddle down a river with the raft when it rains, because when Rafting you get wet even with blue skies and sunshine. A can just as well Kayak trip really fun in the rain, especially when it comes to white water. The same applies Surfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing - there are enough adventures that are worthwhile in the rain!

Rainy weather promises very special adventures

Sometimes, a little rain is not bad at all. Sometimes rain turns life into an adventure. Because rain transforms landscapes into magical places, creates a very special atmosphere and lets you perceive smells that you have never smelled before. On rainy days you have nature all to yourself and yet you are not alone, because it is these special days that also lure wild animals out of their hiding places.

Our road trip through Scotland was also wet, but all the more unforgettable. The mountains looked more dramatic than ever, the Highlands shimmered in a very special light and the wild side of Scotland really came to light through the wind and rain - a Scotland that makes every adventure's heart beat faster.

* Disclaimer: Many thanks to Teva for supporting this article and for sending us the Arrowood shoes, which make our adventures a pleasure even in rainy weather!