Why don't children like to eat fish?

Do your children eat fish?

Hello milelo2004,

my son loves fish. He does not touch sausages or other grilled food if fish has also been grilled, or often he is only the grilled fish and if there is not, he does not eat anything else grilled.

I'm not a fan of fish fingers and I'm also very happy that my son also eats fish fingers, but doesn't necessarily have to have them. But if your son likes to eat fish fingers, that's okay too! If you were so worried, I would just bring the topic up to the pediatrician the next time and ask him whether that is really bad and what alternatives there are.

Personally, I don't force my son to eat anything. At the moment it has been almost just dry pasta for weeks and months, that's okay too, and at some point it will change again. When he was younger, he loved eating lots of vegetables, now he's taking a break I trust that his body will signal to him when he needs something specific.

I have refused to eat any healthy food and have been forced to try and eat it again and again. When I was able to decide for myself, for many years I have eaten almost no vegetables, no fish and certainly no fruit and I still lack nothing!