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Creation Spirituality

With his environmental cyclical Laudato si ‘ Pope Francis dedicated a letter to the topic of ecology, with which he expressly "wants to address everyone who lives on this planet" (LS 3). This is unusual for a Pope, since the Pope's teaching letters are initially addressed to Christians who are at home in the Catholic Church. But questions of creation know no religious, denominational or national boundaries.

The discourse on the question of how the family is in their common human Oikos earth survival has not only become a transnational and religious issue in the age of globalization. In order to survive together, representatives of the religious communities have to overcome denominational and religious boundaries and have an interreligious and intercultural dialogue on the subject of creation.

missio has a intercontinental conference series in Latin America, Asia and Africa initiated to bring representatives of the various religious traditions into conversation with one another. In the course of three consecutive continental conferences, different creation spiritualities in the different religions of the world are perceived, developed and reflected on theologically. Questions of the Creation Spirituality and Creation Theology in Latin American, African and Asian contexts in interfaith perspective. On the one hand it is about the creation myths of different cultures that shape patterns of perception and action to this day, on the other hand it is about questions of creation theology and finally about perspectives of a Creation righteousnessthat bring different religions worldwide into the discourse of “concern for the common house”.