What is a yoni egg

Tested: Yoni Eggs - A Spiritual Vagina Workout

Yoni eggs are all the rage! This type of training toy for women has been around for centuries. The name Yoni comes from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, and translated means vagina. A yoni egg can be inserted vaginally like other silicone kegel balls. There it contributes to the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles through its weight, which has many advantages. Among other things, it increases sensitivity during orgasm and prevents incontinence in old age.

Yoni-Egg: stone with an effect

Yoni eggs are made from precious stones and are said to have a spiritual effect on the body. In total there are five of them at AMORELIE:

  • Rose quartz - promotes self-love and healthy relationships
  • Quartz - for balance and a stimulated immune system
  • Obsidian - has a grounding and deep cleansing effect
  • Amethyst - protects and promotes spiritual growth
  • Jade - gives harmony, prosperity and determination

With all this background knowledge, I want to test the yoni eggs for a few weeks for their effect and at the same time do something good for my pelvic floor muscles. Because with its pelvic ligaments, it encloses important organs such as the urethra, the vagina and the rectum.

The test

After my quartz yoni set has safely arrived, I start with the medium-sized egg (3 x 4 cm), which is perfect for beginners. I think that - apart from the said positive effect - they also look incredibly high quality and beautiful. The Yoni-Egg is very easy to insert thanks to its smooth surface and can easily be removed again with a thin pull-back strap. When I insert it, I immediately feel the muscle contraction and how my pelvic floor clings tightly to the egg. A small brush is included for later cleaning.

In order to avoid sore muscles, the egg should not be carried longer than 15 minutes a day at the beginning. This is a perfect time to do some pelvic floor exercises - which will help unleash the egg's potential. For my workout, the short training exercises from the book by Coco Berlin Pussy Yoga - pelvic floor training for a fulfilling love life therefore offered.

Pelvic floor yoga with yoni

Particularly great exercises from the book are:

  • Drooping breathing: In this exercise, you bend over and roll down vertebrae by vertebra. As you relax, hang deeper and deeper in the stretch, you should ensure that you inhale and exhale evenly.
  • Base plank: Since sit-ups are said to continually crush the lower abdomen, holding a base plank for about a minute is more recommended for a full-body exercise.
  • Calf stretch: For this exercise you roll up a towel and stand on it with one leg. The heel goes to the floor and the resulting stretch should be taken 7-14 deep breaths.
  • Pussy (cat) & cow: Here it’s the four-legged stand with the legs pelvic-wide apart. Let the spine sag a lot when you breathe in (cow) and hunch your back when you breathe out (pussy).
  • Inner pelvic circle: The pelvis is on an imaginary clock, the knees are slightly bent and the feet are completely on the floor. The tailbone slowly rolls this circle clockwise. Circling here with feeling.
  • Sexy & supple: the lower legs form a right angle to the thighs. Lower leg circles can be drawn very slowly in an anti-clockwise direction.

Short exercises, in which the legs are raised while lying down and then shaken freely from the hips, are suitable for loosening up in between.

The yoni egg fits perfectly when performing the exercises. While you tense the pelvic floor muscles and relax again, you notice the firm grip. Overall, changes in the control of the pelvic floor muscles can be felt after just two weeks.

For more variety, I also tried the other yoni eggs from the set after a good 10 days. The smallest egg with a size of 3 x 2.5 cm is a challenge in that it forces the muscles to form a really firm grip. The large egg (5 x 3.5 cm) is for real professionals. When inserting and removing it, you should therefore be particularly careful and be patient with the thin withdrawal cord. Thanks to the smooth surface, all yoni eggs slide extremely well.

The bottom line

After a good three weeks of training, I not only felt that I had done something good for my pelvic floor, but also used the yoga exercises for deep relaxation at the same time. Carrying the eggs was comfortable. In between, I even forgot that I was wearing it and had it in my vagina for more than two hours, including sore muscles - especially at the beginning.

Whether you are spiritually inclined or not, wearing the yoni egg makes you listen to the innermost and inspires you to pay attention to a balance between body and mind. For me, the egg had a positive effect just because of its material. The noble look and the pleasant wearing comfort are reason enough to continue to use this special type of Kegel Balls and to recommend it warmly.