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Graphic design means the creation of visual content in different media, which, for example, allows information to be made accessible or provides orientation. The design of visual communication mostly takes place on the computer through the use of modern technical means. Graphic design therefore also means finding ways to visually implement and present innovative and creative ideas, for example for advertising or public relations. Artistic skill is of course required for this. A graphic designer must have a flair for shapes, figures, colors and proportions.


There are many training and further education opportunities in this area of ​​design at schools and universities. Courses on subjects such as visual communication, business communication, media design, computer design, industrial design, signage or audiovisual media enable you to have a competent professional activity that offers a lot of variety every day. But not only studying at a university of applied sciences is an opportunity to deal with the field of design.


There are also many different certificate courses in very different areas of graphic design, such as CAD, desktop publishing or preliminary design courses and preparatory courses for university entrance exams. In addition, there are further training courses that give you a federal specialist certificate and which lead to a professional examination, for example to become a typographic designer for visual communication. In addition, courses in design can be completed at higher technical schools, with different emphases, such as fine arts, communication design as well as photography and video.


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