Asks for a donation request

KarlsruheKSC asks for donations: 50,000 euros are missing due to canceled games and events

(dpa / lsw)

Karlsruher SC is calling for crowdfunding to provide financial support to various departments in the Corona crisis. By April 15, the KSC wants to generate at least 50,000 euros in donations for its voluntary departments such as women's football, boxing, old men or referees, as the second division team announced on Thursday. If the 50,000 euro target is not achieved by mid-April, there will be no donations for the association and the investors will get their money back.

"The importance of our range of other sports and football as an amateur sport is particularly evident in the corona pandemic. We miss the many personal, everyday encounters," said KSC President Holger Siegmund-Schultze.

With the cancellation of many games and events, the corona pandemic left deep economic traces on the registered club's budget. Donations can be made via a link on the Badeners website.

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  •  Rino (357 posts)
    03/26/2021 7:50 pm
    Hasn't anyone noticed that poverty is spreading more and more in DSCHLAND.
    Is the Preses Siegmund-Schultze actually also for the lower groups of administrators?
    Was just on the KSC-Page, it's the same as with the vaccination appointments.
    The "Kertenstummeln" are teeming with everywhere.
  •  quicksilver (105 posts)
    03/26/2021 2:53 pm
    for that the (professional) team has been outsourced ??? so that someone else has to foot the bill again! really pathetic ... sorry for the volunteers, that's where you see your true worth
  •  Markymark (520 posts)
    03/26/2021 3:01 pm
    Have you ever heard of Corona? There is a risk of bankruptcies and closings, including in sports.

    But in fact 50,000 is a decent amount, unlikely to come together. Whoever wants to donate should go to. have the feeling that those responsible also donate (and set a good example) and that one is trying above all to save money when no income can be generated. I don't read that from the article.
  •  RainerBu (1389 posts)
    03/26/2021 1:40 p.m.
    Before doing this, please make the salaries of the manager and the board of directors public.
    And what did you burn money? Even if these are two separate departments, the gentlemen can donate themselves. The players have probably waived money. But I and others also bought the virtual tickets and support tickets. So I'll think twice about whether to donate 50 or not.
  •  lynx1984 (3406 posts)
    03/26/2021 12:44 pm
    This is not about THE KSC, because THE KSC no longer exists in that form. There is a clear division.
    There is a Karlsruhe Sport Club M hlburg-Ph nix GmbH & Co. KGaA, which includes the professional sports department as well as U19 and U17.
    This article is about KSC e.V. consisting of boxing, darts, old men, athletics, 2nd team men's soccer, fitness, women's soccer and referees. All volunteer departments. Hardly different from other village associations, except that the name is just big.
    But since summer parties, cake sales, audience income etc. are missing, the sum of these departments leads to financial difficulties. What remains? Crowdfunding like here - or increasing membership fees ...
  •  FinnMcCool (523 posts)
    03/26/2021 2:56 pm
    No, it's not just about crowd funding or higher membership fees. There is also the possibility that the "professional department" will do something for it, even if it has been split off.
  •  lynx1984 (3406 posts)
    03/27/2021 2:36 pm
    This is just being done by the `` big name '' and the marketing department for the eV doing this favor.
    Mutual financial aid and support are excluded in the statutes. Also not possible, otherwise it shouldn't be an eV anymore ...
    But such 'marginal information' is of no interest to nagers.
  •  FinnMcCool (523 posts)
    03/29/2021 7:41 pm
    the statutes exclude financial aid?
    Are you serious? The statutes exclude that the players and those responsible in the presidium etc. are allowed to help the amateur area on a private level?
    I'm curious to see under which point this passage can be found in the statutes. You can certainly tell me the exact position - I'm curious.
  •  Buddha (83 posts)
    03/26/2021 12:37 pm
    Maybe the president can be sold again ...
    Has worked before.
  •  Beiertheimer (1285 posts)
    03/26/2021 11:30 a.m.
    Donate to the support fund for impoverished members of the Bundestag.
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