Who regulates the game of chance?

Germany regulates online casinos - what does that mean? (PHOTO)

Vienna (ots) - Digital gambling has been popular for years. However, so far both the operators and the players have operated in a legal gray area. Officially, there was an agreement that digital gambling is legal for citizens of Schleswig-Holstein. With a few tricks and with the inclusion of the EU-regulated freedom to provide services, it was somehow possible to create a controversial scenario that was ultimately tolerated.

But now it got too colorful for our neighbors from Germany, so that the so-called State Gambling Treaty 2021 was recently passed by all federal states. We are currently still in a transition phase to give the operators enough time to adjust to the changed situation.

The casino landscape will change as soon as the State Treaty on Gambling is fully effective in 2021. There are many aspects that should improve player protection, which is of course commendable, but could also slow down the growth of the casinos. As a result, the market is likely to be thinned out. Online casino reviews on CasinoTest.de are a good guide to filtering out the best providers from the remaining ones.

For example, gambling is being re-regulated in Germany

The State Treaty on Gambling 2021 will officially come into force on July 21, 2021. There are advantages and disadvantages from this new situation for both the operators and the players. Overall, Germany hopes that this will reduce the risk of addictions to gambling. In addition, one certainly wants to participate financially in the emerging gambling industry by granting licenses.

These are the most important topics that will be regulated in the State Treaty on Gambling 2021:

  • more licenses for providers
  • Restriction of the range of games
  • Limitation of the stakes
  • Regulation of advertising
  • Prohibitions for addicts

In the following we take a closer look at the individual aspects, at the end we draw a first conclusion and give a little outlook.

More licenses for providers

The number of currently 20 licenses for gaming providers will be increased significantly. Nevertheless, it can happen that many casinos will disappear from the market. Finally, there are currently many unregulated casinos that will no longer take the risk of illegally operating their casinos. Ultimately, it can be assumed that the operators will now be scrutinized much more closely.

Restriction of the range of games

There will be some games that fall victim to the red pen. The focus is on so-called live games of chance. This includes, on the one hand, live sports betting, which can be concluded during a current event (e.g. during a football game). Especially for gamblers who tend to be addictive, in the opinion of the legislature, such bets are particularly triggered.

In addition, live casino games with a real croupier are restricted or completely prohibited. This hits many online casinos that specialize in this area very hard. After all, you can imitate the atmosphere of a real casino very well in this way. You will now have to look for other solutions to create this feeling.

Limitation of the stakes

There will definitely be a deposit limit of EUR 1,000 per month per player. In order to prevent players from registering with different providers, an index should be kept that enables the comparison.

The stakes per bet or game should also be capped at just 1EUR. Anyone who has ever placed a sports bet knows that this is very little. It is to be expected that a differentiation will be made here according to the type of game. Betting one euro on a slot machine is something completely different (since you have a lot of spins per minute here) than betting one euro on a football result.

Regulation of advertising

Similar to alcohol, cigarettes and other luxury foods, advertising for online gambling is severely restricted. There will be bans on certain broadcast times and banner advertising will also be limited to certain times.

In addition, more warning notices are necessary than before, which should reduce the effectiveness of advertising (but is therefore very much in the interests of the legislature). So it is very questionable whether we will continue to see as much advertising on TV as we have before. Cooperations with sports clubs, which are particularly popular with bookmakers, are also very much in danger.

Prohibitions for addicts

The player card already mentioned also helps to identify possible addicts who have become suspicious through excessive gaming. It is difficult to distinguish a passionate high roller (a person who likes to stake high stakes and who can afford it) from a gamer who is in a financially precarious situation. It probably makes sense, however, to proceed a little more restrictively in order to keep the risk as low as possible.

Conclusion on the new regulation of gambling in Germany

The new State Treaty on Gambling 2021 may not play casino operators in the cards, but it is a good sign that the industry is no longer being ignored. Laws can also be further developed and so it can be assumed that the last word has not yet been spoken in many respects.

It will also be interesting to see how the situation in Austria and the rest of the EU could develop. It probably makes the most sense if all countries follow the same path as possible. Germany has already provided a good template for this.

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