What is the mathematical symbol for


Numerically±Plus-minus signs, tolerance signs +Plus sign (addition)

1st summand + 2nd summand = sum ∑

−Minus sign (subtraction)

Minuend - subtrahend = difference Δ

×Multiplication sign

1st factor × 2nd factor = product ∏ (Note! A multiplication with "zero" results in "zero")

·Times point (multiplication)*Asterix (multiplication)÷Divided sign (division)

Dividend: Divisor (Note! Must not be "zero", since it is not possible to divide by "zero") = quotient

∕Division slash (division)
 :Colon (division)=equal≠unequal≡identical≢not identical ≣exactly equivalent ∼proportional, similar to (tilde)≈almost equal, approximately, rounded (rounding sign)≉not almost the same ≊almost the same or the same ≅almost the same≆roughly the same, but not exactly the same ≇neither roughly nor exactly the same ≋Triple tilde ≌all the same ≍equivalent to ≭not equivalent <less than>greater than≪much smaller than ≫much bigger than ⋘much smaller than ⋙much larger than  ≷neither smaller nor larger than  ≸neither greater nor less than ≤Smaller or equal≥greater than or equal to≦less than about equal ≧greater than about equal ≨less than, but not equal to ≩less than, but not equal to ≬between ≘corresponds to (unusual) ≙corresponds to ≞measured ⁄Fraction line¼a quarter ◔ ½a half ◑ ¾three quarters ◕ ⅓one third ⅔two-thirds ⅕a fifth ⅖two-fifths ⅗Three fifths ⅘four fifths ⅙one sixth ⅚five sixths ⅛an eighth ⅜three eighths ⅝five eighths ⅞seven eighths √Second root of (square root)∛Third root from (cube root) ∜Fourth root out  

Take any root

ⁿExponent n ⁰High number (exponent) 0 ¹Exponent 1²Exponent 2 (square sign)³Power (exponent) 3 (cubic characters)⁴Exponent 4 ⁵Exponent 5 ⁶Exponent 6 ⁷Exponent 7 ⁸Exponent 8 ⁹Exponent 9 ^Exponent (power sign, karet)₀Subscript (index) 0 ₁Subscript (index) 1 ₂Subscript (index) 2 ₃Subscript (index) 3 ₄Subscript (index) 4 ₅Subscript (index) 5 ₆Subscript (index) 6 ₇Subscript (index) 7 ₈Subscript (index) 8 ₉Subscript (index) 9 ∝proportional to ...∞infiniteƒfunction∑total∏product∫integral∬Double integral ∭Triple integral ∂partial differential∇Nabla%Percent (vH = by the hundred)
Note! The sign is derived from the Italian abbreviation ctO for "per cento".‰Per mille (vT = of the thousand)‾Top line_Underscore#Number sign◊Rhombus|vertical line¦broken vertical line…EllipsisπCircle number Pi (Ludolf's number 3.14159 ...µMicro signs (My) for millionths, 10-6∠angle∟right angle (90 °) ⊾right angle dotted (90 °) ∡directional angle, plane angle, slope ∢spherical angle, solid angle ≚equiangular ⊿right triangle ΔDelta (difference), increment≜Delta is the same ⊥perpendicular to, perpendicular, right-angled″Second, arcsecond, inch′Minute, arc minute, foot°Degree (temperature: e.g. 20 ° C; angle: e.g. 20 ° angle [without spaces])∣Splits ∤does not share ∥parallel ∦not parallel ⋕Double cross (equal and parallel) ∀Universal quantifier, for everyone, for everyone∁complement ∃Existential quantifier∄there is none / there is not ∅empty set (contains no element)∈Element sign
(xA. means: x is an element of the crowd A.)∉Non-element characters
(yA. means: y is not an element of the crowd A.)∊small element sign ∋inverted element sign∌inverted non-element sign ∍small inverted element sign ∖Difference amount ∧logical AND∨logical OR∩Intersection∪Union set⊂is (real) subset of ⊃is (real) superset of ⊄is not a (real) subset of ⊅is not a (true) superset of ⊆Subset or equal ⊇Superset or equal ⊈neither subset nor equal ⊉neither superset nor equal ⊊Subset with unequal ⊋Superset with unequal ⊌Multiset ⊍Multi-set multiplication ⊎Multi-set union ⊻Exclusive OR  ⊼NAND ⊽Nor ℕSet of natural numbers (generally without 0)
 ℤSet of whole numbers
 ℚSet of rational numbers ℝSet of real numbers ℂSet of complex numbers ℙSet of prime numbers
 ℵAleph symbol (Hebrew letter)℘Weierstrass’s P functionℑimaginary part of a numberℜreal part of a number