Why do photographers need a post production service

Film editing and video editing

In addition to our multimedia services for creating videos, Flash animations, moving images and clips, we also offer onePost production service for existing films and videos. This film processing is implemented by professional digital post-production studios and film production agenciesis aimed at manufacturers, mail order companies and online shops.

Whether for the subsequent removal of objects and people or the insertion of logos ProfiMasking offers the perfect post-production service for your films and videos: fast, inexpensive and in top quality.

Film and video masking service:

- We develop masks and alpha channels for the images in your film - frame by frame. In detail we offer the following services:
- Chroma keying for green or blue movie screens:
- We remove the green or blue backgrounds and their reflection from the images.

Video color correction

Adjust and improve video colors

We have a lot of experience in the field of color matching and thus give your film material a special atmosphere and the finishing touches.

Color correction

The color correction is used to balance your film images per sequence from shot to shot - even if you have recorded with several cameras over several days and in several scenarios, the correction ensures that everything feels like a coherent piece.

Color optimization

Color optimizations serve the artistic design or the style of your videos. Our designers will help your project to realize the potential of the art by using color to create an emotional feeling for your film.

Video retouching and montage

If your film / video was shot without green or blue backgrounds and you need alpha channels for certain parts of the film, we will work out the contours of the objects frame by frame. This means that if you need masks for very complex shapes, we will develop a rotoprofile for your film. A typical example of similar retouching work is retouching the threads used in Kung Fu films.

Digital film restoration:

Regardless of the condition of your film or video (new or old), our restoration service helps to remove / retouch scratches, stains, soiling, dust, fittings, warpage, flickering or damage caused by water or sunlight etc. Color corrections are also part of the restoration process.

Please click on the images below for more examples of film restoration or retouching.



Video special effects and photo montage

Special effects are illusions that are used to simulate imaginary events in a story or an imaginary world. Video special effects are powerful storytelling tools. We use visual effects to change the mood, make a story clearer or add tension / creativity

Other post production services:

We have one for video post productionFull-service digital post-production company as a contractual partner. The production team consists ofprofessional and experienced visual effects design experts. Therefore, other post-production services such as composition, tracking or editing are also part of our offer. For any inquiries, special requests or future projects, please send us an email.
The following software is used by us for post production (not limited):

Apple shake

Adobe After Effects CS3

Avid DS

Quantel IQ

Autodesk's Combustion

Eyeon Digital Fusion

Hardware equipment:

Please click on the picture on the right. It provides an overview of our hardware equipment. The full-service team offers you "full-stream" options in the production of visual effects. Please contact us for further questions or even specific cooperation projects.

Order process and data transfer

Please register on our website. We will then activate you for our FTP server, on which you can store the data.

For larger or special projects, we will assign a dedicated project manager to accompany you throughout the entire project.

Processing time and prices

The time and costs for editing your film depend to a large extent on the scope and complexity of the editing process. In any case, we will send you an estimate of the time and costs shortly after or even before the order is placed.