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DJ Snake - Magenta Riddim

DJ Snake stays true to the oriental sound

Written by: Tim Tabens on February 22nd, 2018
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"Magenta Riddim" by DJ Snake.

DJ Snake is back with a brand new production. “Magenta Riddim” is the name of the number and ties in with the typical style of older productions by the French. Anyone who hopes for a trendy radio number will be a little disappointed here. With a rhythmically brilliant dance floor single, an oriental bomb awaits you here. “Magenta Riddim” will soon be available for you to download and stream. If you want to hear a preview in advance, you've come to the right place. As usual, you can also get all the important information about “Magenta Riddim” from us.

Magenta riddim

DJ Snake has become known over the years for his very daring productions. The French DJ and producer feels very comfortable stylistically in many genres. Meanwhile, DJ Snake has reached the absolute top of the world of DJs and producers. It has long been no coincidence that world stars such as Justin Bieber knock on his door from time to time. With his rather eye-catching appearance, DJ Snake has meanwhile set a trademark in the EDM scene. The Frenchman has already played his new release “Magenta Riddim” in some of his sets. Anyone who expects a radio-compatible and commercial pop number with electronic influences will be disappointed.

DJ Snake added a few more BPM for his new single and still stayed true to his oriental preference. “Magenta Riddim” has become a very special, but still interesting dance number, which is difficult to classify into a genre. The single sounds very driving in the overall concept and is hard to beat when it comes to conspicuity. The typical elements that make up DJ Snake have been excellently worked into it again. The single also has a lot to offer melodically. If you really want to see DJ Snake live this year, you have the chance to do so at the Airbeat One Festival 2018. The French will play there for the first time this year.

Conclusion: DJ Snake - "Magenta Riddim" can really convince with the overall concept. Due to the variety of his productions, DJ Snake just doesn't stay boring and always knows how to surprise. “Magenta Riddim” is catchy the first time you listen to it. However, it is very questionable whether the single will become a commercial detonator. This title does not seem to have been made for the radio market.


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