Which CAT tools are strongly recommended


eduroam stands forEDUcationROAMing and realizing this motto with an amalgamation of many organizations throughout Europe and beyond, in order to provide all members at their own locations with the Internet via wireless LAN.

All you need is a WLAN device that supports WPA2 encryption and an active FH user ID.

User name

Your user name is - in order to be able to establish an international assignment -@ fhooe.at attached.

e.g.[email protected] or[email protected](Attention, this is NOT an email address!)


The password is your usual user password, known from webmail, Levis, etc.

For security reasons, only WPA2 encryption is supported in the Eduroam network of the FH Upper Austria. Old devices that only support WEP or WPA1 cannot use Eduroam.

ATTENTION: It is strongly recommended to activate the identity of the remote station (= radius.fh-ooe.at) and the certificate check on the end device so that a secure transfer of your user data is guaranteed.

You can now also use Eduroam-CAT (Configuration Assistant Tools) for an automatic and secure configuration of your end device.

The instructions for setting up Eduroam manually are currently being revised.

Where does it work?

Organizations in Austria, Europe, Canada, USA, Asia and Australia take part in Eduroam.

Please find out about the participating organization before starting your trip!

Services available at the FH Upper Austria

VPN standards

  • IPSec VPN
  • OpenVPN 2.X SSL-VPN
  • PPTP
  • IPv6 Tunnel Broker (IPv6 in IPv4)
  • Cisco IPSec over TCP



SMTP is not supported for sending e-mails and all other services!

Members of the FH Upper Austria as a guest at an EDUroam partner

Which services the eduroam partner activates is at their discretion. However, the Internet (HTTP, HTTPS) should always be guaranteed.

You can usually find information about this on their website.