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Knowledge gaps

Whether for dates, recruitment tests and family celebrations or job interviews - a broad general education is useful in many situations. We explain why in the age of digitization it is still worth knowing certain facts by heart and how you can easily yours Improve general education can.

What is general knowledge and how important is it today?

History, art, culture, literature, politics and science - general knowledge can be found in a wide variety of subject areas. Practically any knowledge in the world can be accessed in a very short time between Google and Wikipedia. Nevertheless, a solid general education brings various advantages with himself. These include:

#1: A broad general knowledge gives you self-confidence and enables you to confidently hold small talk in different situations.

#2:A comprehensive general education appears competent, quick-witted and sexy, whether when dating or in job interviews - you make an impression.

#3:Solid general knowledge helps to assess and evaluate new things. Recognizing connections, thinking outside the box and finding innovative solutions is also easier when you have access to a broad knowledge base.

#4:In people with a good general education, the brain is networked particularly efficiently, according to a study from 2019 ("The Neural Architecture of General Knowledge" in the European Journal of Personality). This can have a positive effect on memory and the ability to learn.

#5:General education secures the cultural transmission from generation to generation.

Convinced? With our tips and tricks you can easily improve your general education.

Improving general education: this is how it works

To increase your general knowledge, there are several methods that you can incidentally weave into your everyday life.

Clever reading

Magazines and books are ideal ways to improve your general education. If you don't have the time to read longer texts, you can take a closer look at the "Blinkist" app. "Blinkist" promises to bring the most important core content out of one Book as a 15-minute short text to represent. This is how you train yourself particularly efficiently. You can currently choose from a catalog of over 3000 books. There are many classics that are part of general education. The app is available free of charge for all common devices.

Listen to the podcast

The German podcast scene is growing - and anyone who has no problems with the English language can access an almost endless archive of podcasts that are devoted to an exciting topic in detail. There are now interesting ones on almost every topic Podcasts that enrich your general knowledge can. And practically by the way, because you can listen to a podcast in the gym, while cleaning up and on the way to school, university or work.

Play smart

Learning new things is also very playful with the help of Knowledge games. Whether "Trivial Pursuit", "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" or another of the countless quiz and knowledge games - the choice is huge. It gets especially fun when you and your friends take part in a pub quiz.

Use apps

Special knowledge apps are especially helpfulto improve general education in between and on the go. You will find numerous free and paid offers in the app store of your choice. For example, you can try the free versions of "getucated" and "Knowledge training. The quiz".

Tips: A certain routine is important so that your knowledge accumulates and stores it in the long term. Therefore, invest at least half an hour several times a week to improve your general knowledge.


Anyone who has broad general knowledge scores points at parties and at work. But general knowledge is not just there - it has to be learned, even worked out. Sounds exhausting, but it isn't necessarily. With our tricks you can use your Improve general education.

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