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Google Meet: Video conferencing tool for digital meetings

Google Meet is a video conferencing service that you can use directly from your browser without any special software. With minor restrictions, the service is now free, which has given it a lot of traffic in the past. Particularly practical: the Google calendar simplifies planning and provides meetings directly with a Google Meet link. We show what Meet also ...

Selling online products: 5 steps to a successful internet business

Selling products online offers huge sales potential. E-commerce is a growth market that is not only interesting for full-time entrepreneurs. The sale of physical products enables after-work entrepreneurs a profitable entry into online business, but even established brands like Amazon would be inconceivable without e-commerce.

Network Marketing: What Is MLM?

In network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM), consumer goods, especially from the areas of personal care and nutritional supplements, are sold directly to private end customers via freelance sales partners. With clever commission models you win customers as new sales partners and thus create an ever larger marketing network.

Referral marketing: Satisfied customers attract new customers

The personal recommendation of a product or service has a great influence on the purchase decision of other consumers. In recommendation marketing, companies use precisely this effect: Satisfied customers are motivated to pass on their experiences and thus attract new customers. We explain how referral marketing works and show successful ...

Etsy Alternatives: Sell Here

Are you looking for an alternative to Etsy? The online marketplace is one of the most important points of contact for many artists and manufacturers of handicrafts and supplies. No matter whether Etsy is too expensive or too complicated for you, or you just want to look around for another sales portal: In this article we will show you the best Etsy alternatives at a glance.

What is Click & Collect and how do you organize it?

Ordering online has become a habit for many. The high product availability, including delivery to the front door, offers a level of convenience that you quickly get used to. With Click & Collect, however, there is an alternative where customers can pick up the goods they have ordered online themselves. We show the advantages and how you can organize “order & pick up” in your shop in a clever way.

Selling Homemade: How To Make Money From Your Creative Hobbies

Whether unusual handicrafts, handicrafts or fashion jewelry: Many people are creative in their free time and make wonderful products that others would like to buy. Fortunately, there are a number of simple and inexpensive ways for beginners to sell and present homemade things - online and offline. Find out more here.

Artists and Patreon: The Way to Financial Independence?

Jack Conte and Sam Yam founded the crowdfunding platform Patreon because musician Conte no longer wanted to accept the fact that he hardly made any income on YouTube - despite several million subscribers. Patreon has now become a solid source of income for many creatives. But not every user benefits from the business model. If you want to use Patreon in German, you need certain ...

Selling Art Online - The Basics

There are many ways for artists to sell art online today. In this post, we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of selling works of art on the Internet. You will also learn the importance of your own artist website, why social media activities are important and what you should consider when choosing the right online gallery.

CTA: This is how visitors become customers

Optimizing your CTAs is key to increasing your profits by converting more visitors to your website into customers! CTAs not only improve your customer experience, they can also improve your SEO rankings. Learn more in this article.