What are the ugliest faces in the world

The ugliest cars in the world: Top-11 Weird Car Designs

What some designers hatch inside in their upstairs room can confidently be considered creepy. When such designs then take shape in sheet metal, the horror is perfect. This is the top 11 ugliest cars ever!

Come closer, ladies and gentlemen! Do you dare! Welcome to the horror cabinet of the ugliest cars. Here's what happens when designers go insane inside. Mutilated tin monsters, nonsensical bells and whistles, drowsy sadness and disfigured mutations: We offer you exhibits that will make even the bravest heart despair. For example the PGO Hemera, which was patched together from elements from a wide variety of cars - a real Frankenstein! Right behind it, the Fiat Multipla rises its ugly face. Who dares to face the staring gaze of his four eyes? A stop at the Citro├źn Xsara Picasso is recommended to calm down, a car can hardly be more boring. What would Picasso have said about this presumption?

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The ugliest cars in the world: top 11

Go on, but please also pay attention to the Tango T600, the stunted sprinter for the dying. 800 hp and no crumple zone, that sounds like an invitation to go to heaven. The raging sarcophagus can be called the most nonsensical "sports car" in the world without exaggeration. The Pontiac Aztek is safer, but no less ugly. The SUV is named after the people of the same name who were feared for their bloody human sacrifices. Sounds as inviting as it looks. Yes, of course, there is a lot of arguing about taste, but some nightmares still remain monsters even in bright light.

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