How do luggage scales work

Luggage scales in comparison: why a luggage scale makes sense

Packing comes before the flight. The airlines specify the maximum weight or the exemption limit depending on the class booked. If the luggage is heavier, however, hefty additional costs will apply. With a luggage scale, each suitcase can be weighed before departure and its weight can be adjusted by repacking it. We compare the five best luggage scales for a stress-free start to your vacation.

There are luggage scales in a wide variety of designs for weighing luggage. There are only a few analog hand scales left. As a rule, you can determine the weight of your luggage digitally with the luggage scale. It shows the baggage weight in easy-to-read digits.

The five best luggage scales for your next flight

No more repacking your suitcase at the airport thanks to luggage scales. Do you want to buy a luggage scale, but still need the right recommendation? Here you will find the five best luggage scales, selected by our editorial team.

1. Top in price and performance: Etekcity digital luggage scale

This handy luggage scale from Etekcity has a weighing range of up to 50 kilograms and can also be used for weighing excess baggage. Thanks to the division into 50 gram increments, you receive a very precise measurement when you check your luggage and can optimize your suitcase in small steps. The add-in function, which shows results in seconds, is very practical. Another advantage is the battery-saving automatic switch-off, which automatically switches off the device after two minutes if not in use. The auto-hold function has proven itself in practice when measuring. It saves the measurement result for 120 seconds. So you can first put the case down and then easily read how heavy it is.

Our price-performance winner: This ergonomically shaped luggage scale with many convenient functions should not be missing in any household.

2. With practical lighting: Freetoo luggage scale

Equipped with LCD backlighting, this luggage scale is suitable for up to 50 kilograms and offers easy-to-read measurement results even in dark surroundings. The measurement is extremely precise in 10 gram increments. Anyone who would like to optimize their luggage and prevent repacking will be very pleased with this high level of precision. If necessary, the measurement result can also be converted into ounces and pounds. With a net weight of only 90 grams and the handy dimensions, there should be no reason not to take this luggage scale with you on the return flight. The auto-power-off function and the auto-zero function, which automatically reset the scale to zero, are very practical.

Our secret favorite: Comfortable equipment, precise measurement and the low price make these luggage scales our secret favorites.

3. Handy and precise: Luxebell luggage scale

Suitcases with a weight of up to 50 kilograms can be weighed very comfortably with this luggage scale and at the same time very precisely in 10 gram increments. Because the housing is designed like a suitcase handle. This makes it much easier to lift the case than with other luggage scales. The automatic switch-off function is very battery-saving. It is activated after 30 seconds. The blue illuminated display is easy to read even in poor lighting or direct sunlight.

Our practical winner: This luggage trolley enables particularly comfortable and precise weighing even with heavy suitcases.

4. The premium product for the discerning: Soehnle Travel luggage scale

Anyone who appreciates big brands in the household sector will also know Soehnle, the specialist for kitchen scales. With this product, the manufacturer offers a chic, but at the same time very robust and highly functional luggage scale. The product is equipped with a sturdy shoulder strap and a strong metal hook, on which you can measure cases weighing up to 50 kilograms. The 100 gram graduation is perfectly adequate for weighing suitcases before the trip. A big plus: The very chic design in aluminum look.

Our design favorite: If you are not just looking for luggage scales, but also rely on design and proven brand quality, you will find exactly the right product with this product.

5. With a practical tape measure: Dr. meter

This digital luggage scale from Dr. Meter is suitable for luggage weighing up to 50 kilograms. The display can be read without any problems thanks to the background lighting, even in a dark environment. The equipment also includes an automatic switch-off function and the option to switch between pounds and kilograms as the unit of measurement. If you really want to know exactly how heavy your suitcase is, the weight is displayed to the nearest five grams. The integrated measuring tape is very practical. In this way, you can also measure whether your baggage passes through your airline as hand baggage, for example. The manufacturer also recommends the robust luggage scale with stainless steel hooks for fishing to weigh the latest catch.

Our insider tip: The best choice for everyone who wants to know the exact weight of the suitcase.

Luggage scales FAQ

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about luggage scales.

• How accurate is a luggage scale?

How well a luggage scale measures depends, among other things, on the quality of the measuring device. In terms of accuracy, electronic luggage scales have proven themselves. For an accurate measurement, however, it is also important that the item of luggage can hang freely on the hanging scale and does not touch the floor.

• How does a luggage scale work?

A luggage scale is basically a hanging scale that has been specially designed to measure the weight of luggage. As soon as a piece of luggage can hang freely on a hook, the travel scale determines its weight.

• Can luggage scales be carried in hand luggage?

You can take luggage scales with you in hand luggage, as only batteries with a low capacity are required for the electronic devices. The modern, digital pocket scales also take up little space, so there is nothing to be said against taking them in hand luggage from this point of view. If you want to be absolutely sure and don't want to worry that the batteries will run out while on the move, you can also buy an environmentally friendly luggage scale that works without a battery.

• Which luggage scale is the best?

The best luggage scale is the product with which you can determine the weight of your suitcase quickly and precisely with the least amount of effort. An automatic switch-off is also recommended to save the batteries in the luggage scale.

• How do I use a luggage scale?

Luggage scales are very easy to use. You switch on the device and, depending on the model, choose between pounds and kilograms. Then attach the hook to the case handle and lift the scales until the suitcase can float freely. A beep indicates that the luggage scale has determined the weight. The measurement result is shown on the display. To improve readability, some luggage scales displays are also illuminated.

Conclusion: A luggage scale is a sensible investment

If you want to avoid high additional payments for excess baggage at the airport, a luggage scale is a sensible investment. The devices are handy, inexpensive and can easily be taken with you on trips.

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