Which shoes go well with tube jeans

Which shoes go well with skinny jeans?

Skinny jeans have become an indispensable part of the wardrobe. They are often confused with skinny jeans because both pants are tightly cut. In fact, they are the predecessors of tight jeans. Skinny jeans didn't come onto the market until much later.

Skinny jeans are therefore very popular jeans that are tight but still comfortable. Often they fit like a second skin, but they also go along with every movement. This is not least due to the stretch component, which has only existed for a few years. The tube no longer has to sit tightly. If you like it more casual, you can also sit on a size larger and feel even more comfortable.

The classic silhouette is convincing again this year and is worn up and down. Women in particular like the narrow shape and let their bodies really come into their own. But how is the tube actually worn? And which shoes look good on her?

Are there any looks that you should keep your hands off of? Do high heels look just as good as flat shoes? We answer these and many other questions for you today. We'll find out for you how the skinny jeans are particularly well combined and how best not to wear them. Curtain up for the skinny jeans and the trendy shoe combinations!

What does a skinny jeans look like again?

The skinny jeans are classic and chic. She likes to come in a modern look, follows the latest trends and also likes to be a little more punk. She can slip into many roles, doesn't need to hide and is in strong competition with skinny jeans.

Similar to skinny jeans, they are close to the body, but not so tight that it can be uncomfortable. Skinny jeans, on the other hand, almost always have a stretch component so that they fit even closer and closer to the body. The tube does not need this because it can be tight without any stretch.

With it you can emphasize your beautiful curves, because the pants sit tight on the body. It used to be poured on in the truest sense of the word, because the young people of that time sat down with the narrow tube in the bathtub. The pants shrunk in hot temperatures so that they fit skin-tight on the body.

Today you don't have to resort to this trick anymore, because the skinny jeans fit super tight and still super comfortable on the body. Young women in particular use it because it fits like a second skin. The jeans are great to combine and make every occasion a highlight.

However, if you use a tube that is too wide, you will not have fun with it. It slips down, no longer looks good, does not fit snugly and can cause chafing on the skin. So it should definitely fit correctly and it shouldn't be too wide either.

The tube has a tight silhouette from top to bottom. The narrow cut is convincing in a wide variety of outfits and is a highlight for every day. Regardless of whether you are going to a party and have to look elegant, whether you have to do something at work or whether you simply like figure-hugging clothing in your free time, the tube can be with you everywhere.

Washes and colors are available in large sizes. They are almost innumerable because new models come onto the market every year. There are an infinite number of different shades of blue, but also colors and washes. Colored denim starts with green, pink, yellow and red jeans, but you can also use light blue jeans, raw denim or indigo-colored jeans.

The currently popular washes such as bleached wash, used look, moon wash or acid wash are also available. The destroyed look is in great demand, especially in leisure time and of course black and gray jeans are a must.

The cuts are currently mainly high waisted models. With the tube, the looks with the high waistband not only look edgy, but also chic. Cropped jeans are also spotted, because this is where the tube can score by showing your legs and feet.

The cool slim jeans, to which the tube belongs, also convinces with a skill for many combination options for every figure type. So not only slim women can wear the tight jeans, but also plus-size girls. That makes them particularly changeable. But be careful: not every tube has a stretch component. So if the pants don't fit you at all, you'd better opt for skinny jeans.

The trousers were actually developed for very slim to slim women who can wear the jeans without any stretch. Otherwise problems can arise, especially with raw denim skinny jeans, because they could possibly shrink. Even if they don't necessarily fit everyone, they are beautiful, classic jeans that can slip into a wide variety of roles.

Which shoes do you combine with the tube?

Since the tube is a very changeable pair of pants that fits every occasion, you can also combine quite a few shoes with it. But the tube looks most beautiful with high heels. It almost doesn't matter how high the sales are. Whether you put on high heels or prefer a small heel is entirely up to you.

Pumps and ankle boots go hand in hand. They both look great on the tube, but offer you completely different looks. Incidentally, no compromises are made when it comes to sales. Each paragraph fits the tube. It doesn't have to have a special shape. There are spiked heels alongside wedge-shaped heels, but also angular, round, oval and sloping shapes can be admired. Block heels are also at the start.

But if you think that only boots are worn to the tube, you are wrong. The looks are fresh and airy, especially in summer. The heel of sandals ensures that you look taller and slimmer because it visually lengthens your legs. This will stretch the entire silhouette and make your figure even more beautiful

Above all, it depends on you when choosing your shoes. If you don't want to wear high heels, you can also opt for flat models. They are comfortable and often look good nonetheless. But if you have a nice gait and want to be a little taller, you shouldn't do without heels. But here are the models that you can rely on for the tube:

With and without heels - boots

The skinny jeans look great with boots because they can be worn over pants. So you have a lot of cool styles on hand and don't have to hide them. They are simply integrated into the outfit, give it that certain something and direct the focus to the legs and feet.

The look looks especially cool when you choose exciting boots. Not just the boring blacks that are everywhere anyway, but those who draw attention and cause a stir. The latest trends are all going in this direction and so you are sure to find some great boots that underline your look.

So you are spoiled for choice when it comes to bogus Biker boots, with pretty Chelsea boots, with western and cowboy boots, with beautiful ankle boots with overknees and also with hiking and hiking boots. But there are also shaft boots that reach just below the knee and so you have a free choice and can grab anything you like.

If you don't just want to stand out with the shape of the boot, you can opt for eye-catching patterns and colors. The material is also decisive and defines the look. In terms of color, it's no longer all about black and brown, but also about pastel nuances and strong shades that are now very informal. Especially in rainy weather you can draw attention to yourself.

The patterns are as diverse as never before. Animal prints are very popular. There is not only the popular leopard print, but also zebra, tiger, snake and crocodile. In addition to the animal prints, flower patterns can also be seen. They are either printed or embroidered. The same is true for dots, stripes, checks and squiggly patterns, which are now seen everywhere.

The materials are just as wild. There is no stopping the types of leather. There is smooth leather, suede and suede, but also artificial leather, which now looks just as real as its animal relatives. A great alternative for vegans to finally wear leather. But you can also use velvet or metallic coatings. Velvet is particularly popular because the soft material looks classy and chic.

If you choose sock boots, you should only remember to wear the pants over the sock boots. Under no circumstances does she want to get into the shoes. You can combine the sock boots wonderfully with cropped jeans, because the thought of tucking the pants into the shoes can never arise.

Whoever puts the skinny jeans in their boots in winter can only win. So the pants can't get dirty and you are also kept a little warm. Cold legs are a thing of the past.

In general, it is worthwhile to combine the tube in a supportive style; although there are also style inconsistencies, the pants look much nicer in context. It becomes classy with velvet boots, a classy dress and a trench coat, but it can also be used for hiking boots with thick down jackets and rucksacks. Edgy looks with a band shirt, leather jacket and Dr. Martens work just as well. All you have to do is decide which look you prefer.

Loafers - Flat & Beautiful

It continues with the loafers, which are unisex shoes for men and women alike. The college shoes look a bit conservative, but can score with cool looks. A cool look can be seen in combination with skinny jeans and so you can slip into them and feel good.

Anyone looking for beautiful shoes that also look good has come to the right place with loafers. They cut a fine figure in their free time and at work and can be classic, but also stylish. Style breaks make the look in the spare time and so there are different skinny jeans that you can wear, as well as different loafers.

Loafers are as colorful as life itself. There are animal prints with many different animal patterns, but also strong and pastel nuances, as well as embroidery, applications, decorations and different materials. Where are dots, stripes, paisley patterns, embossed patterns, ajour patterns or lacquer and leather, artificial leather, but also patent leather seen.

How you design the outfit with the loafers is entirely up to you. You have many options, because the shoes and pants offer you. It can be rocky and edgy, but also classic and beautiful. All you have to do is figure out which look you prefer.

It gets rocky with embossed loafers, which are combined with a gray destroyed tube, band shirt and leather jacket. It gets chic with a black tube that is worn with a white blouse, blazer and animal print loafers. The decision is yours.

Sneakers - casual & cool

The sneakers this year are just as versatile as the skinny jeans themselves. So they can slip into a wide variety of roles together with the jeans and complement each other. The look looks best with classic, white sneakers that are not broken up by color.

But it is important that they are really white. With the skinny jeans, your gaze automatically wanders towards the shoe and if you have dirty shoes, you should clean them before wearing them. If you want, you can also wear patterned and colorful sneakers, but should include this in your styling and not just rely on eye-catching sneakers.

Chuncky sneakers are also particularly popular at the moment. Never heard of it? You have definitely seen it before! Chuncky sneakers are nothing more than chunky sneakers. But they are not to be confused with ugly sneakers. Due to the wide and chunky appearance of the Chuncky sneakers, your legs will look even thinner.

The ugly sneakers are not to be despised either. They also come into stores under the name Dad Sneaker and impress with their bright colors, weird patterns and strange shapes. If you want to attract attention, you can definitely do it with such a model. Basically you should make the look with the skinny jeans and the ugly sneakers more edgy than chic, because otherwise nobody will buy the look from you.

Pointed shoes - what else !?

Finally, let's take a look at the pointy shoes in combination with the tube. But what exactly are pointy shoes? I'm sure everyone of you has seen this type of shoe before. They converge to a point at the front and look classy and adult.

It doesn't matter whether you put on sandals, pumps, high heels, boots or another shoe with a point, the elegant look is always with you. If you pay attention to the color and the material, you have created a great, classic look that works wonderfully with tubes.

In terms of color, everything revolves around black, dark brown, dark purple, but also dark red. In terms of materials, high-quality materials can especially score points. Smooth, suede and suede, but also high-quality synthetic leather can be seen. If you prefer to use other materials and want to distance yourself from leather, you can choose velvet, satin or silk.

Pointed shoes are best worn in the dark version at work. And no that Pants won't (!) Get into your shoes plugged. In your free time, you can also use bold colors and patterns if you want. There are animal prints, stripes, but also checks and dots. This makes the look even cooler and can score a bit with an edgy attitude.

Which shoes should you stay away from?

Even if a lot of shoes fit the tube, there are a few tips that we can give you. In the end, all shoes go well with skinny jeans because their shape doesn't dictate anything and they come in different colors. It is changeable like never before.

It actually depends more on you. If not combined well, the combination of pants and shoes can look strange. But that's not because of your pants or your shoes, it's because of you.

Flat shoes and short legs, for example, don't work at all. The flat shoes also compress your legs so that you look even smaller than you are. Tall women, on the other hand, can also wear flat shoes wonderfully to the tube and so it really only depends on you.

It is similar with the overknees. The cool boots are very popular this year. As the name suggests, they reach above the knee. A combination with the skinny jeans is ideal because the tube can be easily inserted into the boot. So you are nice and warm even in cold temperatures.

But if you are small and rather sturdy, you look pretty strange with overknees and tubes. The body is compressed, the legs shortened. Tall, slim women should also use the combination here. There are plenty of other cool looks for small, full-bodied women. So you see, it's in the eye of the beholder whether a look with skinny jeans works or not. Just try it out, we advise you!