What will future CEOs look like

What are the characteristics of a Generation Z CEO?

By 2025, Millennials (born in the early 1980s to late 1990s) and Generation Z (born from 2000) will make up around 75 percent of the global workforce. Our survey examines which skills and qualities the managers of the future will need in order to be able to lead their employees competently.

Summary: The Profile of a Generation Z CEO

  • Future bosses will be very good leaders who can communicate skillfully and have a creative streak.
  • The CEOs of the year 2050 will not all have a university degree, but they will be able to climb the career ladder through experience-oriented training supplemented by digital training.
  • The leaders of tomorrow will find refining their soft skills more important than developing their hard skills.
  • What they will appreciate most about their employees is curiosity, flexibility, the ability to learn and adaptability.

Detailed results: Soft skills are more important than hard skills

  • 69% of respondents believe that soft skills will be more important than hard skills for future managers.
  • Leadership skills are the most important skills of modern bosses: They lead teams successfully, fulfill the company's goals and support employees in their further development.
  • Communication and creativity are other top skills that future leaders need to hone.

According to the survey, Generation Z believes that today's CEOs don't have the best soft skills. Human resource management and team leadership are seen as the skills that today's leaders need to work on the most - followed by creativity and emotional intelligence.

Constant further training of managers

  • 51% of applicants believe CEOs will no longer need college degrees by 2050.
  • More than half (55%) say training and learning through hands-on experience is the best way to develop future leaders.
  • Only 6% believe university degrees are the best way to prepare future leaders with the soft skills they need to become employees

    to lead.

Are prospective Generation Z CEOs well prepared for leadership roles?

  • Generation Z sees its strengths in curiosity, the ability to learn, adaptability and creativity.
  • They feel that the current education system does not prepare them effectively for project management, data-driven decision making, negotiation and complex problem solving.
  • They also feel that they are not adequately prepared with regard to intercultural and cross-generational awareness and action.

You can download all results of the study here.

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