What is there to live for

What is worth living for

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Most of the time life goes without saying. You just exist. But why do we even take on the stresses of everyday life? What makes existence meaningful? Is it responsibility for tomorrow or the intensity of now? This dossier sharpens your eye for what really matters.

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The ideal of intensity

Nils Markwardt

We know it from films and novels: The question of the reward in life typically only arises in retrospect. As a settlement with yourself and the world. When existence flies by in front of the inner eye, a biographical balance sheet is drawn: Was it worth it? Was it worth it? Would you do it all over again? It would be much more natural not to postpone the question of what it is worth living for until it is too late, but to make it the yardstick of the present and the future. On the one hand, because it impregnates later feelings of remorse. Anyone who is clear about what makes life really worth living becomes at least a little weatherproof compared to the melancholy subjunctive of "If I had ...". On the other hand, the question as such has become much more urgent: As traditional systems of attachment have lost their influence, i.e. the importance of religion, nation and family has dwindled, the personal pressure of meaning has increased enormously. What is it worth getting up for in the morning, yes, even taking on the troubles of life? What exactly is it that gives you support even in difficult times? And in the end it really counts - will have counted?

Sense of being

Theresa Schouwink

Human existence is not self-evident. Philosophers have always argued about what for. Three central conflicts to illuminate the darkness of existence.

What really matters

Robert Pfaller

It seems that there are as many answers to this question as there are human beings. However, if you read the following articles by well-known thinkers carefully, you will notice: Certain aspects return that we generally disregard or even fear.