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Smartphone and other computers

This chapter as a listening offer

Maybe you got an impression
what life means in the digital world:

  1. Texts that are in newspapers and books,
    are saved in the computer.
    Once on the computer
    they can be searched easily
    and linked together.

  2. Computers are in more and more devices
    who work according to instructions.
    For example, washing machines can come with instructions
    Measure out the right amount of water for the laundry.

  3. The computers are networked with each other,
    for example via the Internet.
    When in the coffee maker
    a computer is built in,
    you can use the coffee maker with your smartphone
    start from bed.
    So the coffee is ready when you come into the kitchen.
To be able to process a lot of data,
you need algorithms.
Algorithms can help us
and make decisions for us.
For example, which website is interesting.

But algorithms can also decide
which person gets cheap insurance.

It is important that people come up with rules for algorithms:
  • What do people decide?
  • What should algorithms decide?
Some people prefer to write letters or postcards.
Some also prefer to shop in stores
or find out more in printed books or magazines.
Some people also live in countries
in which not so many computers are used yet.
A person opens the door of their house with their smartphone (& copy picture-alliance, Klaus Ohlenschläger)

That is why digitization is not the same for everyone.

However, some offers are almost only available digitally.
So are people who can't go on the internet
excluded from some areas of life.
For example, you do not get some information,
when they are not using messaging apps.

Children naturally grow up with digital devices.
Some can hardly imagine a life without the Internet.
Digitization influences our lives in all areas.

Nobody knows how digitization will develop.
Nobody knows the consequences of digitization.

For example, whether it makes jobs superfluous
or create more jobs.
Computers can increasingly take over what car drivers have been doing up to now. This picture shows a test where a computer controls the car. (& copy picture-alliance / dpa)

At the same time, digitization offers many opportunities to be there,
get involved and network with each other.
Digitization offers the possibility
to get a lot of information in a very short time.

For example, the internet makes it much easier for us to live
exchange with people from other countries.

We hope we were able to give you a little insight
into the topic of digitization.

If you want to learn more about digitization, data, the internet
or want to know artificial intelligence
read in the pages.
(& copy bpb)